Sunday, 15 July 2012

Butterscotch overload

I've never been a huge butterscotch person, it's not that I dislike it but I'd rather pick chocolate! That being said, for some reason I can't stop thinking about butterscotch pudding.

I bought one of the jello brand fat-free mixes and whipped it up with some skim milk. I even used one of my mom's pudding bowls to make it. What, doesn't everyone's mom have a pudding bowl? Hmmm.

Well it's nothing fancy, it's a chocolate brown melamine bowl that made chocolate pudding look extra enticing. Of course mom didn't use these instant mixes, nor would she fathom using skim milk, nothing but homo milk for us kids! Side note: here it's called whole milk but back home we call it homogenized milk or homo for short. Anyways, I loved these bowls so much I brought 2 with me when I moved. I don't use the often, mostly because my brain associates them with pudding!

Ok, back to butterscotch. So I made the pudding and immediately ate 1/4 of it (only 2 pts!). After supper that brown bowl of orangey buttery goodness was calling me again so I retrieved it from the fridge. Well my friend had warned me that using skim will make it a bit runny, and when I looked at my 3/4 of pudding it looked all saucy and sad. Sure you knows I had to eat it fast before it completely separated into an un-appetizing mess! I couldn't taint my fond memories of the pudding bowl!

Despite the fact that I ate an entire pkg of pudding today (8 pts) I don't feel that bad, nothing like post fee n' chee bad. Just think of the calcium I loaded in! Also it's pre-moontime so the fact that I haven't eaten 2 Big Mary's is a win.

Not sure if this pic will post from my iPhone but here's one of my not-so-secret shame: the empty pudding bowl

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